Staten Island's Crime Rates

What's so amazing about Staten Island's population boom is that, during this same time period, crime rates have decreased. Staten Island has been able to double its size and remain the safest place to live in New York City.

My Father-in-Law, a life long Staten Islander, remembers the first time a Staten Island murder was covered in the newspaper, the sensational Nimer case. At the time, it was unbelieavble that such an incident could occur on Staten Island. The Island was a quiet place. It was only reachable by Manhattan via ferry. Violent crimes were rare (and still are) when compared to other cities of the same population.

However, recently, these low crime rates are being threatened. Crime rates for cities across the country have crept up since the summer of 2015. Local law enforcemnet is doing everything possible to keep rates steady. This may prove difficult. Staten Island is suffering from America's opioid drug epidemic and will have challenges dealing with the influx of people that current developments are projected to bring to the Island.

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